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Cash Flow Planning and Tax Strategies to Increase After-Tax Income


Mark A. Schindler, CFP®

We welcome you to our financial planning home!  Our clients represent a diverse group of business professionals, owners, physicians, and retirees.  Their stories are unique, but all of them have financial goals and all of them want guidance that is specific to them.

Our primary purpose is to listen and understand what motivates you. This enables us to customize an effective plan, and help you implement it.  Our forte is to communicate planning concepts you can visualize, so you can easily make your plan your own.  Your plan can be modified as your life evolves, so you can confidently concentrate                                                      on what you do best.



At Planning You Control Financial, we focus on the concept of cash flow planning. It is a very straightforward method to see all of the components of lifetime income. We employ multiple tax strategies to increase after-tax income.  Our planning programs help us to test the potential impact of these strategies on lifetime cash flow.

As your financial wellness supporter, we look to bring clarity to the principles of investing, to manage investment, health, and income risk, to solidify retirement income, and to preserve wealth. Our planning system gives you access to your own secure client portal. From your client portal, you have 24-hour access, understandable planning features, and dependable information sharing that can enable you to truly live your plan.








Discover financial planning you can understand and follow.  Enjoy professional guidance and easy access.