About You


      Monitor Your Progress with Professional                    Personalized Guidance

  • Benefit from Fully Managed, Risk Developed, Tax-Aware Portfolios
  • Regulate Debt Effectively to Increase Savings
  • Confirm You Are on Track for Retirement
  • Build College Resources Efficiently
  • Buy a New Home or Investment Property with Confidence
  • Assess Correctly Your Needs for Life, Health, and Income Protection
  • Incorporate Plans for Your Changing or Expanding Family
  • Determine the Impact of Job Changes or New Business Plans
  • Preserve and Design Your Estate
  • Measure the Benefits of Tax Strategies


Financial planning is all about you and what you want to have happen.  You may not be able to forecast every aspect of your future. However, our work at Planning You Control Financial assimilates what-if scenarios into our planning assumptions.  When life happens, you may be better equipped to make smarter decisions and stay on course to reach your goals.                                                                                           


  Check Your Expenses Quickly

  • Match Your Spending to Your Needs and Values
  • Tools to Account for Your Expenses Automatically



Every successful person needs to be time efficient to keep moving forward. You have a patient in the waiting room, a deadline on your most important project, and your personal priorities.


Your Own Client Portal

  • Link Your Accounts to Your Plan with Automatic Daily Updates
  • See Your Net Cash Flow For Simple and Accurate Planning
  • Secure Encrypted Document Sharing



You need an experienced professional to plan, to manage investments, to design tax strategies, and to understand your personal situation.  You also need the tools to efficiently and comfortably participate yourself so you can live your plan.