The financial planning process at Planning You Control Financial is exactly that, a processWe offer an initial complimentary consultation so that we can understand what you want to achieve, you can get a sense of our approach, and we can both confirm that there is a good fit. We have a few ways of working together, and our collaboration covers a wide range of issues.

  • Cash Flow Analysis and Management
  • Tax Strategies
  • Debt Reduction
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance and Risk Analysis
  • Education Funding
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving

Our industry has gravitated toward an advisory fee for services model, as it has been considered better aligned with the best interests of clients. However, we may also provide fulfillment of certain needs when appropriate that pay a commission, such as insurance products.

To accommodate the unique planning needs of our clients, we do offer several service arrangements.


Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning

This is the ultimate roadmap.  However, before we can get on the road, we have to have our destination.  Our task is to truly understand your financial position and personal aspirations. After analysis and review, we can then implement and monitor specific action steps.  The benefit of continuous planning is to keep pace and account for life’s changes as they evolve.

Expectations from Me:

  • We will have at least 4 meetings in the year, to drill down on your objectives and values.  We may need an extra session or two the first year depending on the complexity of your case. There is great value to the in person meeting, but virtual sessions can be accommodated to fit your schedule.
  • Annual Reviews to assess progress and account for life changes.
  • We establish a financial planning roadmap to detail your specific goals, plans, and action steps throughout the year.
  • Investment Management appropriate to your service model.
  • Secure Client Portal for easy online access to all of your account information.
  • Multiple communication options including phone, email, in person meeting, virtual meeting.
  • Client newsletters and relevant blog postings.

Expectations from You:

  • Communication is key.  My expectations are that you provide needed information for our planning promptly. Also, when there are key events that occur in your life (and they will), that you let us know so that we can consider them in your planning.

*Investment Advisory with Ongoing Financial Planning

This gives you the option to have investments managed and reduce or eliminate financial planning fees at defined asset levels.

*Ongoing Financial Planning

This may give you more flexibility in the services you prefer and how you pay for it. If you have not initiated personal investment savings or have other investment management and need quality financial planning, we can help you. We are still going to employ risk assessment, analyze assets, review income requirements, and make recommendations in light of objectives and tax treatment. However, we will not be implementing specific portfolio adjustments that are not under our management.     

One-Time Comprehensive Financial Plan

This is an in depth review of your current financial position and priorities, to design your plan of action.  It will outline the essential steps and resources you will need to get to all of your various goals. 

This option gives you the opportunity for an in depth plan, but without continuous planning services.  This works for clients who may already be participating in our Investment Advisory platform as well as for those who are not.

This plan would be ideal for first time planning clients, for major life events such as an expanding family or business considerations, or a reassessment  of financial needs and risks entering retirement.

This process will require 4 meetings for discovery, analysis, and  implementation.  

We always welcome comments and inquiries about what is important to you.  I look forward to hearing about your special interests!